Operation: Hellbent-The Lost Patrol-Pre-Reg CLOSED


Operation:  Hellbent – The Lost Patrol

There’s something out there!

May 11, 2024

Lest We Forget

Pre-Register by Nov 1st and get Entry and Shirt Guaranteed


Operation: Hellbent The Lost Patrol
There’s something out there!
Game Date: May 11th
Lest We Forget
Pre-Registration ENDED APRIL 14
Cost Per Player : $60-$65
Entry and T-shirt Guaranteed for the first 100 Pre-Registrants
Enter Your Team Name if you want to play with your team
If you don’t have a team select “No Team Affiliation”
Post Pre-Registration
Cost Per Player: $60-$65
Entry Only
Due to the recent fire at Barrie Paintball – All Onsite Sales will be Cash or Email Transfer
First Strikes, Paint and Smoke Grenades for Sale On-Site
$30 Carry on Fee for First Strikes
Paint MUST Be Bought On-Site
Off Field Paint will Get Your Whole Team Disqualified from the Event
Game is Capped at 200 Players – so Enter Early

Additional information

My Team Name is:

No Team Affiliation, 48th Highlanders, Animal Pack, DIV13, Enema Gang, N.F.T., Northern Mercenaries, Northern Recon Force, Out of Options, Red Canary, Red Leaf Militia, SAS/SCAR, Savage Army, Shadow Paintball, Unkind, JTF2


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