Paintball Pricing

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Rental Pricing

$ 29.99 per player for the day
9am – Dark (Players permitting)
minimum age is 10 years old
Insurance & Field Fees (ref)
Basic Mask & Marker/Gun (if Req’d)
Free HPA All Day
50 Paintballs
Use of all Fields, Pavilion with BBQ & Facilities

$ 19.99 per player for Gun Owners
You MUST have All Your own equipment including Barrel Bag
Insurance & Field Fees (ref)
Free HPA All Day
50 Paintballs
Use of all Fields, Pavilion with BBQ & Facilities

Bush Field Paint Pricing
World Acclaimed
Barrie Branded Paint ONLY

$18/100 Paintballs

$55/500 (1 Bag)

$95/1000 (2 Bags)

$160/2000 (Full Case)

Pre-Buy 7+ days & SAVE $$$

Warning-Winter paint will NOT be allowed
on field after March 31
Save More $$$ – Buy a Membership

NO BYOP on Bush Fields
* This voids our insurance & may get you criminally charged

Reservations & Group Rates

Minimum of 6 required to have a reservation if no one else is playing here. Another words we will not open for less than 6 people. A deposit is not required for non private groups on Saturdays or Sundays. Note: A deposit of $100 is required for non private groups any weekday or on weekends arriving at 6pm or later.
Minimum of 20 required to have a private/personal group. $100.xx Deposit is Required at least 3 days in advance especially for Weekend bookings.
Note: Private Groups NOT Available for discount or coupon entries. 
You can have your own personal referee if you desire. Prior notice for staff scheduling is required. You do not have to take walk ons. Your referee is in radio contact with the home base and other referees for field scheduling.
Have a Minimum of 30 Players?
You qualify for GROUP RATES.
Note:——-> Group rates NOT Available for discount or coupon entries.
30+ players shaves $5 off the entry Price for a cost of $24.99/ Player.
60+ players shaves $10 off the entry price for a cost of $19.99/ Player.
$100.xx Private Group Deposit Required at least 3 days in advance especially for Weekend bookings.
Private Group Deposits may be done Online or Instore.

Walk ons are considered any number of players less than 6. Always Call ahead for walk on availability and times. You will be joined in with other non private groups. Weekends are always best for Walkon Play.

Barrie PaintBall
The New Home of
FREE PaintBall
Free Entry & Rental Qualifying Details

Single Player/Group (Gun Owners)
Available on All Long Weekends, PA Days,
March Break & Christmas Holidays Only
Available for Walk on Group Only
Min. Paint Purchase:    1,000 pbs/player group inclusive
Worried about buying too much paint???
Branded Paint may be used at subsequent visits. 
For more info or reservations call: 
(705) 733-3393
Membership has its privileges
Call ahead for Reservations or walk on times


Take Out C02 Pricing

Paintball tanks up to 12oz – $ 10.00

Paintball tanks over 12oz – $15.00

Keg/Aquarium tanks up to 5lb –  $ 35.00

Keg/Aquarium tanks up to 8lb –  $ 45.00

Keg/Aquarium tanks up to 8lb –  $ 55.00

Keg/Aquarium tanks up to 20lb –  $ 65.00

Take Out HP Air: 
up to 4500 psi paintball cyl $5.
Scuba tank up to 4500 psi $10.

C02 is $5 fill with Entry (start Jan 1, 2016 incl. HST)
HPA is always Free while playing at Barrie PaintBall
Off Field All Fills subject to taxes