Don’t Get Scammed Twice

The Real Barrie Paintball is a 50 Acre, 17 Field Mega Park on the Algonquinn Bluffs totally immersed in a thick hardwood bush.

Is it any wonder unscrupulous field owners pretend to be us to get your money. The Real Barrie Paintball NEVER Sells Coupon Booklets in malls. We do occasionally have direct marketing associates that may visit your place of business. Look for the “” for assurance of authenticity.

Check Out the following very damning Video that was aired on channel 4 May 31, 2020 about your Optimum/IPG Sold & Delta Force Use Coupons. Then warn all your friends to NOT GET SCAMMED BY THESE Unscrupulous Predatory Sales Tactics and NEVER BUY TICKETS IN MALLS FOR PAINTBALL.

That Said:

The Real Barrie Paintball Accepts All Competitor Coupons on Sundays by Reservation Only

Special Notice for IPG/Optimum Coupon HoldersDelta Force Does Not Sell Tickets for Delta Force. IPG/Optimum Sells Exclusively for Delta Force. Same Entity Owns Both. Don’t accept the Dis-Association Excuse. Watch the Video Below.

The Real Barrie Paintball will continue to accept IPG/Optimum Delta Force Coupons or Any other competitor Entry Coupons on Sundays ONLY! –So Book Now if You Have Them

Conditions for Redemption of Competitor Coupons