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Birthday/Hockey or sponsored party Tips
You will have to let the parents of the other children invited know your planned activity is paintball. In that invitation you should set a limit on what you are prepared to spend on the party and suggest that invitees can bring extra cash or debit card to purchase additional paintballs over and above what you are paying for. PaintBalls are like a big bag of candy for kids. The more they have, the more they shoot. Average usage for non trigger happy players is approx. 500 pbs for every 2-4 hours of play here.
Prior Reservations are a must for people requiring equipment. We are equipment limited and fill up fast especially on weekends.
What to Wear ?
Wear clothes you would play or work in
 The paint is an all natural vegetable dye and will wash out of your clothing. But this is still a bush and you will certainly get dirty or may even tear your clothing on a twig or something. So don’t wear your Sunday best. Cover all bare skin. Multiple layers of clothing work best for cushioning the hit and for ease of layer removal in an over heating situation.
Wear Appropriate footwear for the terrain, season or weather.

Make sure footwear chosen has adequate support and comfort for a wide variety of terrain. Despite what the kids might say Shoes are not a good idea in the winter. We are after all an outdoor facility.
Thin Gloves & Ball Caps are good ideas.The mask covers ¾ of the head. It does not cover the top of the head or the back of the neck very well. A ball cap when turned around backwards covers these areas quite effectively for added protection. The gloves are a great hand savers if you are crawling about in the town, or are actually hit in the hands with a paintball.
Personal Protection is always recommended. Jocks or Jills can save you from some very unpleasant and usually short lived discomfort. Although most people don’t aim at your private parts, they sometimes do get inadvertently hit. Extra padding for women in sensitive areas is also recommended. Remember multiple layers helps as well.
Neck Protectors or high collars are also recommended.The unprotected skin on your neck is particularly thin and may welt if hit directly at close range. Hockey neck protectors will work as well as high collars or scarfs. A Limited number of Neck protectors are available at the pro shop if you desire.
Safety & Field Briefings
A Full safety briefing will given prior to engaging in play.
The briefing will consist of :   
Use of Equipment, Safetys, Barrel Bags or Plugs and masks.                         
Mandatory Mask On rules emphasized
Rules of Engagement and Surrender
Safety Zones, Mask on/off areas & No shoot zones
25’ Mercy Rule use explained
A general Field briefing will be given by the referee prior to engaging in the days activities as well as subsequent more game specific briefings at the individual fields. May consist of some or all of the safety briefing topics if the players seem unsure or immature.
Mostly it will additionally cover:
Game length (usually 15 mins)
Teams & Field Starting points
Field Boundaries & Ref local
Game objective & Surrender details
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