20 Person Private Group Deposit


Private Group Deposit

For groups of 20 or More


You Intend to Pay for 20 Players Even Though you have Less than 20


You can pay this deposit if you have 20 players or intend to pay for 20 players even if you have less. This deposit is required for referee scheduling for your private group. Without this deposit or full payment thru the “Group or Party Booking” product, a referee will NOT Be Scheduled for you and your group will have to play with the walkons.

This deposit will come off your bill when you arrive with your 20 players or your intention to pay for 20 players. Should you show up with less than 20 and a private referee is waiting here for you and should you decide not to pay for the private group, you will lose this deposit to the referee who gave up his time to be here for your group. This deposit is non refundable within 3 days of your event.

Please state your date and time in the notes section or call in your details to 705-733-3393


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