Paintball Camp 2024

Get the Skills @ Barrie Paintball to Own the Field ANYWHERE! Details Below


2024 Novice Bushball Camp
Due to Popular Demand
We NOW have 2 Bushball Camps Available
First Paintball Camp Date: July 8th – 12th
Final Paintball Camp Date: August 26th – 30th
Register Early – It fills up fast
Barrie Paintball Bush Ball Camp
This is a full week long camp designed for the new or novice paintball player wanting to upgrade and improve their skills and have a lot of fun.  The course will focus on the many aspects of competitive Bush Ball Playing. Intermediate & Advanced techniques will be covered as well.
1st Week Date:                 July 8th – 12th   2024                    Novice Camp
2nd Week Date:               August 26th – 30th   2024              Novice Camp
Time:              10am – 4pm         Arrive Early and Stay late if you like
Player Cap:    30 players Max.     –   Both Paintball Camps
Camp Features
Basic Fitness
Stretching to avoid injury
Some Cardio for short sprinting

Classroom Instruction
Basic Layout & Planning
Event & Game Planning
Know your own team
Do’s & Don’ts
Q & A

Safety Instruction
Importance of Safety
On Field & Off Field
Safe Zones
Marker & Personal Safety

Paintball Drills
Paint-less and Paint Drills
Snap Shooting etc.
Short Handed
What works for you

Strategy Training
Planning your attack
Defending your turf
Importance of Camouflage
Stealth vs. Heat score
Hunter vs. the Hunted
Drawing out your opponent
Grenades and other useful devices

Honesty & Hits
Your Team & Your Opponents
Making New Friends

(Marker)Gun Repairs & Maintenance
Basic gun repair & Maintenance
The Importance of Hydro Testing your tanks
Upgrading and Options
Questions on your own Marker

Games, Games, and more Games
Emphasis on Paintball Fun
Live Action Drills
Short Games
Regulation Games
Scenario Games
Services Available
Change Rooms & Washrooms
Lockers – Bring your own locks
Electrical Outlets for chargers
Cash Back, Credit Cards, Gift Cards
BBQ’s, Pavilion, Pop/Gatorade & water Machines
Onsite Food Services & order out
Pro Shop & Repair Facility

Bush Ball Camp Costs
Novice Bush Ball Camp
Novice Camp  – Non Members         $399/week      Lunch included
                        – Members                  $359/week      Lunch included

Upgrade your Camp week for $50 – Includes Coveralls, Thermal Mask and Armor Vest

Register for Both Camps and Save $103
    ********All Camp Fees are Now Tax Deductable********
First Case is included
Camp Paint Cost Special                   $  120/case  or  $40 bag of 500
Estimated @ 2 cases needed for the week

2023 Bush Ball Camp was
Hailed as our BEST Camp yet
by parents and attendees
HUGE Thanks



for a Great 2023 Camp #1 & Camp #2
Now Registering for 2024 Camps
July 8th – 12th
August 26th –  30th