Overtime/After 5 Charge


NON-REFUNDABLE Overtime/After-Hours Charge

The charge for Arriving After 5 pm 

With No Pre-Payment Purchase

Read the Conditions and Limitations Below


Overtime Charge Details and Conditions – Please Read Carefully

This Charge is 50% REFUNDABLE IF YOU DO SHOW UP for your AFTER 5PM BOOKING. This is an Overtime Incentive Charge to pay staff willing to stay late waiting for your group to arrive. To Be Clear: $100 will be applied to your cost to play. The other $100 will pay the staff member that will check in and ref your group. The conditions listed below apply to all Overtime Bookings.

This Charge is NON REFUNDABLE if you DO NOT SHOW UP FOR YOUR AFTER 5PM BOOKING.  If your group does not show, the full $200 will go to pay the staff that did show up and waited for your group. A Maximum Grace period of 1 hour will be given from your expected arrival time for Weather or Traffic purposes. In the case of one of these delays, Please Call the Field ASAP.

Conditions and Limitations

This Charge does not apply and is 100% REFUNDABLE if your group checks in before 5pm. We still close at dark unless a minimum of 20 players are still on the field and willing to play. With a minimum of 20 paying customers, the 18,000 watts of night lighting will be turned on. Free Entry or Discount Coupons DO NOT COUNT as paying customers. The lights are turned off and the game ends when less than 15 players remain. Without this Overtime Charge, your group may be refused Entry after 5pm. Best Advice – Show up Early in the Day – Save the Overtime Charge!


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